Sep 22nd - 26th


For the first project we had to create a 'type', in particular create a personal lettering using paper through the process of cutting or pleating and absolutely no glue.

It was an interesting proof because for the first time I create a letter or a type without sketching or studying.
So, I started to think about my type, in particular about the possibility to create directly something in 3 dimensions starting from the 'perspective' and its 'points of view'. 
For this reason I decided to product something that was possible to see and understand just from a point of view. "Lunge" is a name and indication view too because to catch my type you need to have trained quadriceps.
This is the ironic reason of its name and the first step.
The second one was to choose a photo or an elaboration of own type, in my case I used the plant, and create a graphic print (white, black, red).
 At first I realised two different stencils for the colour's layers, developed in multiple lines in two directions.
This particular technique realised clean or dirty graphics, so the effect could change. My print is a bit dirty and not clear and honestly, I like it.
During this project I felt the first complications of my case. English is not my first language and sometime I think to not understand well all of indications my tutors give, therefore I ask questions to my colleagues about the process.
The fear of making mistakes is quite big and sometime I miss the courage to risk, to go beyond my defined limits, clearly scholastics.


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