Project - 40 Hours


26th Jan - 30th Jan


This is the last project of the first part of the specialisation in Graphic Design

For this project our task was to create a project in a period of time of 40 Hours, as the title suggests. We had to develop a series of photographs, illustrations, videos of an entire time-lapse based on hours, minute, seconds.

This project gives the possibility to develop a long series of themes in multiple contests.

At first, I think about what my project had to be.  


The first ideas was about "the eyes" and exactly how they change and move in this lapse of time, day by day, night by night. The second idea was inspired by my residence, near the London City Airport. In fact I can see the incredible number of airplanes fly everyday from that airport. The main idea was to realise a video of every flight in 40 hours but the weather and my personal health cause the collapse of this project so I had to think an other solution.

So I started to think about what the people do everyday, how they spend their time for the most of it. The answer is intuitive, the Internet.  I thought about the time each person spends online and actually the distance the mouse travels every time.



After found a software called Mouse Distance Measurer I decide to make a video of 40hours, in which is possible see all time I spent online and I calculated, through the software, how many metres my mouse has done in this lapse of time.

Really, I would like to get it better with more framing and I would like to base my Internet-research not about everything I do online but I could try to "travel" around the world from my desk.

The result is quite good but this week was complicated for different reason, as the portfolio for the engagement activities. 





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