Project - Zine


12th Jan - 23rd Jan

This project was the most important project for me because through this work I totally expressed myself showing my personal view and interests about art and what is exactly and how it reflects on my life.

Starting from the exhibition, at the House of Illustration, about Paula Rego, an incredible illustrator and artist, I comprehended how she started her passion and inspiration and from which artist she learned the art of Illustration. These artists are the same who signed my formation. I consider Gustave Doré and Francisco Goya the best art teachers.

Our task was to create a Zine elaborating the exhibition's subjects or themes or about a personal concept. So, I centred my zine on the concept of Metaphysics from the Philosophy of Aristotele to the Metaphysical art of Giorgio De Chirico, including my personal view too.

At first I thought about a different way to view my illustration and give to the customer the possibility to interact with my zine and have the possibility to view single, multiple or a landscape of illustration. In fact I create a long-illustration, obtained put jointly six A4 pages and fold them as a concertina. In this way, I create two long sides developing two different presentation. 


The main illustration is the "landscape" but the cover is an important part of the zine because it has some appeal and the use of an other language is particularly interesting. The other cover also gives a suggestion about the subject of the zine, it has three circle holes, of which the composition is not casual but they respect the drawing inside so it's clear a good connection between the "outside" and the "inside". The Zine is in black and white because I had the intention to create a good contrast of the images.

For the Zine I also personalised a lettering that suits the Zine's concept and also the writing inside is elaborated in InDesign.

As I told the Zine is in general about the Metaphysics, but in particular each detail is enigmatic and mysterious. Each detail has a a secret, simply because my intention is to present the Enigma. I mean the Enigma of common life and of my life where there is any facial expression but only a mutation, an evolution of the landscape like in a dream where you and your dream fuse together.

For this reason the title of my Zine is αίνιγμα that is Enigma. 






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