5th Jan - 12th Jan




Came back from Christmas break we just started a new interesting project.

 Honestly, it was my favorite project till now because it is about my first interest of Lettering and Typography and in particular I enjoyed the possibility to create a modular alphabet following my personal taste and inspiration.

 Starting from a selection of sounds from everyday life, I had to represent a sound using colour, scale, image and text to create a single and personal character. I dedicated my time to study a set of six different alphabets, experimenting materials and techniques, deconstructing and reconstructing the anatomy of type and create a model in 2D and 3D.


At first I studied the anatomy of letterforms ( serif, ligature, x-height, bowl, kerning, etc.etc..) and exactly every single part that composes a letterform, and it was interesting discover how actually each type follows specific rules and regular construction.

 After that, I started my research taking inspiration from the sound of water, metal, car's motor and music and I tried to use different technique, (cutting, rolling, folding) and materials (ink, acrylics, glue and salt, tracing paper, electrical tape). At this point I had some difficulties to find something that satisfied me. So, sketch by sketch, I followed my tutor's advice, that was to use directly the tape, in other words not sketching before but leaving my mind free to imagine a new form. As he told I tried and immediately I found a first good result.

From this moment I was practically approaching the right way. I was creating a real type.

However, the problems are never far away. 


After have selected my type and created an entire alphabet (modular), as requested I started to realise a large-scale on cardboard of a letter inspired by the metal's sound. Realising the 3D paper model I created a fantastic and original solution but during the realising of the cardboard model I had to solve some material and stability problems of my large-size letter. In fact, made of paper, the structure is lighter and for this reason is easier build a structure with a base, instead in the other case the material is heavier and it doesn't support the structure and it inevitably falls. For this reason I decided to hang up my letter and leave it free to rotate and move. The best thing I've done is surely the type's structure. I found a system through which my type is divided and assembled, full and empty, static and dynamic, single and multiple. All at the same time. 

I think I have reached my goal.




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