2nd Dec - 11th Dec


For this project I had great difficulty. My personal life influenced my work and it was so clear from the last project. For these days I missed lessons and most important and unpleasant I missed the important event "Made to Persuade" so I had no possibility to show my work. 

Really, I spent more time in this project and the result for me is not enough satisfactory. 


I tried to create something different and original but for this reason I spent so many time thinking and not working. Finally after drawing, cutting, folding, sticking, burning, nothing, I found a solution. 

I realised a pocket where inside it contains 10 little paper sheets apparently white. In fact, on their surface I drew multiple drawing using lemon and sugar. The lemon contains citric acid, it simply means that any heat source (matches, lighter, candle) causes a chemical reaction and suddenly on the paper appears a drawing.

The invisible ink is a simple process to explain the chemistry to the children, so now it could have fun adults too. 


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